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Avoid the pitfalls of collision repair. Know and understand the important benefits of having your vehicle repaired at a manufacturer approved motor body repairer. Approved repairers have to comply with motor manufacturers (OEM) standards and their staff attend technical training held by the OEMs for new model launches.

Your new vehicle was purchased with genuine factory fitted parts. In the event of an accident, do not let repairs influence manufacturers warranties. Repairing at a certified body shop using original parts is essential to your vehicles safety, perfect part fitment and long term performance, as well as peace of mind. This ensures that any accident repair work validates the warranty of your vehicle, within the warranty period.



  • Collision Repairs
  • Machine polishing of vehicles exterior paintwork
  • Bakkie Bin Lining
  • Rustproofing and Underseal of Vehicle
  • Factory Authorized Warranty Repairs
  • Courtesy Lift Service

Service Level Agreements

Parkhill Panelbeaters has Service Level Agreements with most major insurance companies, including:


OEM Manufacturer Approvals

Parkhill has been appointed as an Approved MBR to Toyota South Africa, Kia Motors SA, GMSA (Opel Corsa, Chev and Isuzu), Ford Motor Corporation and Mazda.

Customer Satisfaction

Through our commitment to upskilling, developing our workforce and working to the standard of Motor Manufacturers, we are able to continually improve our work processes, quality and turnaround time. This ultimately achieves improved service delivery and customer (and Insurance Company) satisfaction

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